Daddy Dance With Me (DUET) by Chris Keith

The Best Daddy-Daughter Wedding Song Ever Duet Version by Chris Keith and Daughter Tayler Enerle

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Chris Keith - "Daddy Dance With Me" - Perfect New Father/daughter Wedding Dance Song-The Best Wedding Song Ever! - Single

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Daddy Dance With Me

(Daddy Daughter Duet)


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Recording Artist and Worship Leader Chris Keith was born in Ohio , and grew up a little north of Los Angeles, California... Read more

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I love this song "Daddy Dance With Me duet" by Chris Keith and his daughter Tayler. We played it at my daughters wedding. It was amazing, as my husband was dancing with his little girl on her special day the song was singing about his little girl growing up and then the daughter starts singing "Daddy Dance With Me everyones waiting to see you woman your little girl grew up to be" that is when everyone at the wedding started to cry. What an perfect song for everyone at the wedding...especially daddy and daughter!

Joanie F.

I LOVE THIS SONG, I LOVE HIS VOICE! Played this song at my neices wedding and everyone cried when they were dancing together. It was one of the highlights of the tender and special listening to the words and imaging the bride growing up from doll clothes, high school, prom night and finally the wedding day dancing with her daddy! Not a dry eye in the place. My daughter already said she wants to play this song at her wedding which is in a year...

Ann Mitchell

This is an Awesome song:) Played at my nephews wedding and everyone cried. It is better than Butterfly kisses!

Sue S.

This song is going to be the biggest daddy daughter song ever! Everyone LOVED it at our wedding!

Debbie J.

Great wedding song. It is going to be the biggest daddy daughter song ever!

Joy K.

All my brides maids are going to play "Daddy Dance With Me" duet at their wedding now after seeing the impact it made on my dad at my wedding!

Robin W.

About The Song

Chris Keith
with Daughter, Tayler

"Daddy Dance With Me" was written after Chris Keith's daughter Tayler.

"She ran up to me on Sunday morning before church; laughing, tugging on my shirt with her tiny little hands. I looked into her big brown eyes, bending down kissing her on her cheek. She asks me the sweetest thing I have ever heard “Daddy Dance With me”, “Daddy Dance With me”. Smiling back at me, I picked her up as she threw her little arms around my neck and we twirled round and round."

"After our sweet dance, I quickly wrote down the title “Daddy Dance With Me.” and we all went to church. That night, I wrote the song in twenty minutes."

Where does the time go tonight she’s a bride, the band plays a waltz and there are tears in my eyes and she says: “Daddy Dance With Me” your little girl I will always be, "Daddy Dance With Me"...

My little girl Tayler is now 23 and all grown up. Last fall we went back to Nashville and recorded "Daddy Dance With Me". Talyer and I sang "Daddy Dance With Me" together as a duet...It was amazing, one of the best moments of my life.

I hear from brides all over the country how "Daddy Dance With Me" was absolutely perfect for their daddy daughter dance, especially how it touched their whole wedding party to tears... Happy tears, of course!

"Daddy Dance With Me" is one of the most touching and emotionally written songs off the album "To the Cross" from Nashville Christian Recording Artist - Chris Keith.

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Chris Keith - "Daddy Dance With Me" - Perfect New Father/daughter Wedding Dance Song-The Best Wedding Song Ever! - Single