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Daddy Dance With Me

My little girl she sits on my knee
Singing a nursery rhyme
Out in the kitchen the radio’s playing
And old fashion tune in three quarter time - and she says

Daddy, dance with me - There’s nobody here to see
Just hold my hands go 1, 2, 3. - Daddy, dance with me

Doll clothes to High school, its prom night already
A young man waits at our door
Rushing down stairs is a beautiful girl
She tells him to wait just one minute more - and she says

Daddy, dance with me – Quick now before he can see
Show me again what that step should be. Daddy dance with me

Where does the time go? Tonight she’s a bride
The band plays a waltz and there’s tears in my eyes and she says

Daddy, dance with me - Everyone’s waiting to see
The woman your little girl grew up to be Daddy, dance with me

Your little girl I will always be. Daddy dance with me



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Chris Keith - "Daddy Dance With Me" - Perfect New Father/daughter Wedding Dance Song-The Best Wedding Song Ever! - Single
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